SANDING PAPER DISCK 125-150 mm diameter

(vat not included)

Velcro sandpaper of various grits for smoothing surfaces.

Ideal for our sanding discks.

Code: KITSN125  Pack of 10 pcs. assorted diam.                             (€12.50)
Code: SN125/40  Abrasive paper discs diam. 125/40 grit            (€1.40)
Code: SN125/240  Abrasive paper discs diam. 125/240 grit        (€1.40)
Code: SN125/320 Abrasive paper discs diam. 125/320 grit          (€1.40)
Code: SN125/400 Sandpaper discs diam. 125/400 grit                (€1.40)
Code: KITSN150  Pack 10pcs. assorted diam. 150 mm                  (€14.00)
Code: SN150/40   Sandpaper discs diam. 150/40 grit                   (€1.60)
Code: SN150/240 Sandpaper discs diam. 150/240 grit                (€1.60)
Code: SN150/320 Sandpaper discs diam. 150/320 grit                (€1.60)
Code: SN150/400 Sandpaper discs diam. 150/400 grit               (€ 1.60)

The price is VAT 22% not included.